About us

"Azovbalttrans" was established in 1994

BIMCO Membership Reg. No. 117584

The main activities are the following:

Azovbalttrans have been established in 1994 to provide the chartering service for raw material producers and traders from Russia and countries of
ex-Soviet Union.
Our today activities are following:
-Chartering of dry cargo vessels up to 100.000 mts DWT
-Chartering tankers up to 70.000 mts DWT
-Delivery "from door to door" including direct delivery to Russian rivers ports
Our chartering service include as following :
·Searching of the most competitive vessel
·Preparing of Charter Party
·Checking of dispatch and demurrage calculation
·Consulting in all questions
of Charter terms
·Legal assistance if any disputes regarding Charter terms
·Information regarding freight markets ,freight reports
Today there are dry cargo and tanker departments in our company.
The head office of Azovbalttrans based in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
We have also branch offices in Riga (Latvia) and Netherlands.
We are in contact at any time including holidays and weekend.